Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Giant Sighhhh :)

Dr. Ahn
Don't you call him Dr. Off (his joke, not mine)
Dr. Ahn.... Ever a man of few words & even shorter emails:

Ms. Bolinger,
 PET scan looks fine. I will see you shortly.


Thanks all for your prayers, peeps.

I go to see him this Thursday for a follow-up.


  1. Congratulations. So happy for the good news.

    Michelle & the Pet Ct department :)

  2. Thanks, Michelle!
    I'm sure I'll be seeing more of you in the future so be ready to pose for more photos :)

  3. Yeehaw.

    Best not to mince good news. It dilutes the happy.

    Dr. Off would be a good name for an assisted suicide fella... Or an anesthesiologist. Hopefully the latter does not think he might make a career switch to the former.

    Be well Susan.

  4. Fantastic news, Susan!! Praise the Lord!

    From, Camille