Friday, May 10, 2013

cutting lawns & coupons

Found in an antique store...
Just wanted to chime in with a lovely boring update. The best kind :)

On the Dental Front ~
The Silly Sappy Smiles Family
At my first cleaning after all the hubbub in my mouth, Linda, my Hygienist, and I were both ready to jump as she carefully poked around in there. I did jump at one point which made her jump. After we got that out of the way, we both settled down and got 'er done. Everything looks pretty good & my treatment has changed from "Upgrading" to "Maintaining".
I've started using "Biotene Gel" at night ~ a dab on the tongue seems to help with the dry mouth, so I don't wake up as much for a drink. Since I drink so much water during the day though, I wake up to pee three to five aggravating times a night. I always look out the window on my pee trips, hoping to see a shooting star, a fox or deer wandering through the yard, a skunk even ~ nothing yet! The odds are in my favor though :~)

Cutting Lawns & Coupons ~ At first I was secretly worried that riding on the lawn mower would "jounce my cancer back". I know this makes no sense, nor is it a medical term or concern, but it was still in the back of my head. What cured me was seeing how "other people" mowed our lawn. Terrible swaths of cut brown grass clippings, jagged lines and swoopy-looking margins. (Was it cut this way on purpose? hummm.) I'm too Type-A to put up with that. Cancer jouncing was a risk I was willing to take. Oh the satisfaction of a well-executed cut!

Also, I find myself cutting coupons again. This means I am more concerned with saving .50 on a box of Baggies® than I am about being around to use 'em all.

Phil's Prom ~ 

Yup, there we are with smiles plastered on our faces. (On our perfectly mowed lawn I might add.) Phil sure rocked his tux and his date was a lovely young lady indeed. He goes to another prom in mid-May, so his bum knee is not holding him back on the prom front. Phil has one more year of high school to go. He works hard at his studies and is such a funny & nice person. We couldn't be more proud.

Latest Scan Results ~ 

Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers, peeps!
So far, so good! I go to see a cardiologist in a few weeks. I had a blood test to check for thyroid functions & other stuff & will probably get those results in a few days. I go to see Drs. O'Malley & Ahn in July. As for how I feel, my tongue is still wonky. Pins & needles and reduced taste bud function. I am petering out my Gabapentin dosage and will try to stop entirely in the next few days. Hopefully, my brain cells will regroup and I'll be able to remember stuff better. "Scatterbrain" definitely applies to me now! Energy levels are getting close to my normal laziness. Sometimes I wake up grumpy & sometimes I let him sleep.

Thankfulness Levels ~

Still high! Surely I would have liked to skip along, blissfully unaware of my mortality for at least another decade or so, but being forced to think about the possibilities has also been a blessing. I realize that my family is amazing and able to do all kinds of things without me offering opinions & advice. I have been forced to think about the what-if's and different choices I have. I have even been forced to clean out a few drawers! It's all good.

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