Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to us all!

I realized an update is way overdue!

I am feeling so much better these last two days. I feel like I've
turned a corner ~ yay! Yesterday, I had the energy to put Christmas
away (mostly), and am finally keeping up with the wash. I am starting
to think longingly of yoga class and dreaming of making lovely home-
made dinners again. Cooking & cleaning: a sure sign of returning health!

I go back in to see the docs this Wednesday, then again the end of
this month & in March. A PET scan will be taken a few months out &
will hopefully reveal a healthy neck.

The recovery starting on Christmas Eve was pretty rough. There was a
time when I just cried, bent over the sink with my pills clutched in
my hand. It was so hard to take them with my throat so sore. This was
the "Magical Weight Loss Period". I didn't eat anything for days &
days and didn't care. (Remember, I started out with a healthy
reserve!) I was barely drinking. I slept all the time, with Fluffy, my
couch buddy always with me. What a good cat.

Now, I could care less if I never saw another Bravo show, I've watched
so many!

I got a kick listening to Craig & Phil make a nice dinner for
themselves while I was under. Phil went to the market and bought all
stuff you would be proud of; produce, fresh scallops, etc... They made
a Surf & Turf meal of scallops & steak, complete with two vegetables.
AND CLEANED UP! It was a proud moment for me, I'm telling you. They
did this several times since.

Wednesday: Today, I went for my first of quite a few follow-up visits. As expected, everything is healing along to schedule. I was told that my taste buds will come back in about six months, my throat will take a good 14 months to totally heal (!), no sun on my neck for the first year, etc... All stuff I can live with, and, have no choice in anyway so I'm not sweating it. I was reprimanded for losing weight, but am secretly delighted. I got the green light to do yoga & go to the gym. One of my complaints has been fatigue and it has been shown that the more exercise you get, the better you beat fatigue!

Don & Theresa, I hope you are reading this, as I am wondering how you are. Please email me at and let me know how things are. 

So, I'm on the mend. My eyes tear up when I think of all the
kindnesses extended to me and my family during the last 4-5 months. I
am so blessed to have you all in my life! The thoughtful cards and
gifts, the rides down to Philly ~ I couldn't have done it as well as I
did without all your love, caring and prayers.


  1. A Happy New Year indeed!

  2. Susan I am so happy to read you are doing well. I had a thing that took me away from my computer for a while, but I have been thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers!

    No ringing of the bell for you? Certainly that has to be a posting omission. Your son and hubs will now have cooking duties eh? Since they did it with such panache and cleanliness.

    It will feel good to visit the good and caring folks in Philly when you are well and with a spring in your cowboy boot wearing feets.

    Take care and I hope you hear good things from Don!

    1. Miz. Munch, you have prodded my lazy butt into posting, bless you.

      I wonder how you are, my dear, and hope all is well.