Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Tardy Bell

Hello all you peeps! As I've written emails to some people, texted or talked to others, I realized I'd better get on the stick and write a new post ~ WITH pictures of "The Ringin' 'O' The Bell". For cryin' out loud, how could I omit that? Thanks, Miz Munchberry, for pointing out where I was remiss. So, here ~ without further delay, are the Bell pictures and oh what a happy day that was.

Ta-Da! Craig, myself & our son Phillip on Christmas Eve ~ last day of radiation.
And here's my radiation buddies, Theresa & Don:
Don & I were on the same radiation schedule & he rang out on Christmas Eve too!
My actual doctor appointments are slowly peetering out to every few weeks, once a month, etc...
• I have an MRI scheduled for February 19 and a PET scan in March. 
• I will go for twice weekly therapy for my lymph nodes in my neck for a few months, called "Complex Lymphedema Therapy". This will help drain the lymph fluid from my neck, lessen the swelling and aid in the healing. 
• I will go for PT for my shoulder to get back full movement of my left arm. 

Erin McMenamine, my most awesome Oncology NP of the amazing silver hair, is so reassuring to talk with. She listens to my fears, tells me they are normal and only has encouraging words to say. God Bless you, woman!

I keep my medicines in a pretty lidded basket in the kitchen, trying to disguise any taint of illness from Phil. I am happy to report that I am only on one nerve pain medicine. Way down from the oodles of bottles & potions I juggled in days past! I will begin down-stepping the Gabapentin starting next week, as per Erin's orders. Hopefully, my missing brain cells will return and I can stop going through packs of "Post-its". My computer screen is wreathed in Post-Its!

What else? I have taken a few yoga classes until I caught Phil's cold ~ bah! Feeling ready to start yoga-ing again in February. I have scheduled a Hair Appointment. I have gone shopping at the mall. I have prepared actual dinners with a protein, a starch and a vegetable. Of course I have baked:)

Now it's Phil's turn for medical stuff. He came down hard on his left leg during a basketball game & heard a pop sound. Diagnose? Torn ACL, nine months in a brace, lots of PT. My heart bleeds for him.
Dr. Lipton at Brandywine Orthopedics surveys the damage.

Seems I'm not the only one in the fam getting MRI's.
Should I suggest he start a blog?

My radiation mask is still rolling around in the back of the car. I absentmindedly push it aside to load groceries.  I have mixed emotions about it. I was thinking about jamming a cigarette in the mouth section and hanging it up on our sunporch, where Craig smokes. Then I thought that would just annoy him. I know he doesn't want to smoke. I know he wants to quit. He will or he won't. (How Yoda-like:)

But I hope he will. I remember a few years ago when I was still smoking, I would wonder, "Is this the cigarette that is going to be the last straw on the camels back? Is this the one that's going to send my nice, delightful healthy cells over the edge?"

Thanks again for keeping me in mind & for the prayers. Boy, I sure appreciate 'em and I am daily humbled by the care and concern of my friend, family & medical team.

Ya all ROCK!


  1. Susan, I just read your blog from the beginning to this post. You are truly amazing with your wit and attitude toward the whole "Cancer Schmancer thing." You are the one who has gone through all of this, yet you find a way to share the ups and downs in a way that helps others understand better what you have experienced. Not to mention the fact that you made me chuckle repeatedly with your clever sense of humor. I can only imagine how much all the medical people involved in your care appreciate your wit and generous spirit (not to mention delicious treats)! I pray you are continuing to do well. This blog should be published!

  2. Hi Camille! Thank you for your kind words. I spoke briefly with Leo last night ~ thanks to Mo for hooking us up ~ and hope I can be of help to him. I am so full of "wanting to give back" after all the kindnesses shown to me.

    And what the heck were you doing up at 3:53am?


  3. My GOSH your kid is getting big and all grown uppy since you last posted his pic.

    Thanks for posting about Theresa and Don. So glad he rang out and hope he is doing well.

    Ditto on your note to your docs.