Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dear Doctors,

Yesterday I went for an MRI of my neck. It was done with and without dye. Unlike the iodine dye injected for my CAT scans, this dye did not make my va-jj heat up. Darn.

I was given a small bulb-type alarm to squeeze if I was going to panic, and the choice of ear plugs or music headphones. I chose music but the machine noises easily over-shouted my rock & roll. Two plastic forms were put over my neck and head, a comfy blanket put over me and I was loaded in the MRI, torpedo-style. The scans took about 30 minutes total. If you ever have one, be prepared for all sorts of loud whirlings, beeps, chords, etc... There was one noise that sounded like an alarm and it was... alarming. No panicky voices came over the intercom, so I relaxed, confident my head wasn't going to be whirled off.

I had an appointment with Dr. O'Malley a few hours later. Thanks to the integrated computer system, my MRI results were read, a report was generated & sent to my doctor within that time so he had results in hand when I was sitting in his chair. Yet again, HUP continues to amaze me.

Milkshake from the Potbelly
Since I had a few hours to stew before my doctor appointment, I decided, damn it! I was going to treat myself to a milkshake from  Potbelly Sandwiches. It was wonderful; made with hard-dip't ice cream & presented with two wee shortbread cookies threaded on the straw. Very cool presentation and it got me thinking about stealing that cookie idea for the Ice House...

My appointment with Dr. O'Malley was running behind time so naturally I was thinking, "Crap! It's bad news & he's busy figuring out my next surgery." When I was taken to an exam room, it was a different set up than previous ones ~ with lots of chairs for the grieving entourage, I reasoned.

A nurse numbed my nose (say that five times fast) with spray in readiness for the scope. Doc O'Malley came in and made my knees weak by saying the MRI showed the best possible outcome. Yay! He used the scope to look at the surgery site and said all was well. I'm scheduled back in two months when I will have had a PET scan under my belt. Hoping for same type of happy results for that test also.
I feel better in teeny increments every day.

I am still dealing with thrush in my mouth. It's great for the waistline as it makes my tongue tender & sore. Eating is a chore and not a pleasure.

I am in the midst of PT for my left arm/shoulder and have started lymphedema Therapy.

Things are going well and the bites of elephant are tasting better these days :)

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