Monday, October 1, 2012

O this lil' voice of mine...

My voice sounds like Marlon Brando's in "The Godfather".  

You would think that that would command a little respect, huh? You are probably imagining my dear family gathered 'round my knee, eagerly awaiting each bit & morsel of audio brilliance to fall from my lips... Nope. I have to repeat myself all the time, wave my hands, throw things and the only way I can yell at my teenager is to send him a text in ALL CAPS.

After being on The Nose Straw for the past week, you would think I would be ravenous, but I'm not. Food looks interesting, smells good and I look forward to eating it again, but it is not making me crazy to not chew & swallow it. Who'd a thought? It will be fun to compose My First Meal. With any luck, I won't have to cook it :)

Medical Stuff: I still have a hard time sleeping at night. I'll fall asleep and wake up in about an hour with my tongue feeling like an old dried out dog toy ~ one of those rawhide pig's ears or something. I wonder, with genuine fear: can your tongue dry up beyond reconstituting? No pain at incision sites, just inside the throat, which is still sore ~ between  0 and 4 on the pain scale.

Tomorrow's post op day, where we hear what the news is regarding radiation, chemo or a combo of the two. I'm so cheap, I'm waiting to hear before I make a hair appointment. I am also going to meet with a Speech Therapist there. One contacted me & told me she would come out to my house. Just for yucks I kept saying, "I'm sorry, I don't understand you" and "What was that?". I had to 'splain I was just joking with her. heh.


  1. You need a bell. You ring then speak. Eventually you will have them conditioned to come to attention by your mere presence!

    Is the result tomorrow going to be those selections (rad or chemo or rad/chemo)> No chance of non of the above?

    I know this dessicated tongue. Not pretty under better circumstances! But you should tell your doc about it. If it is bad all the time maybe you can be prescribed pilocarpine. I may be spelling that wrong. Swoosh that mouth out during the day and use a softy toothbrush. You know I have seen something called biotene advert on TV. I wonder if doc would say that would be OK. Miserable.

    My doc does not get my dark humor either. Stodges.

    1. Thanks Darlin', I'm writing that mouth-watering prescription down for my list of What To Ask The Doctor. Not sure if I can Pavlov my boys, but it may be worth a try :)

      It would be great if the Doc said, "Go forth, you are cured", ala Jesus, but I don't dare hope for it. My motto is: The Worst Will Happen. That way, I'm never disappointed :) If the Worst does happen, well I just KNEW it, and if it doesn't happen, I'm sure okay with that. I know ~~~ I'm twisted ~~~

    2.'re a realist! (but, one with a sense of humor!)

  2. Susan, Kevin and I are thinking of you and hope your post op check up goes well! We look forward to sharing "Tropitiias" with you guys SOON!! Love, K&T