Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A limp & a nod

My brother Jim writes very well but spells atrociously.
He spells Lymph Nodes as Limp Nods, heh-heh! Love you, bro, & thanks for a blog title.

Okay, so this is what I am going in for tomorrow at U. of Penn in Philly;
A neck dissection is used to remove the lymph nodes in the neck for cancers of the throat and voice box. This is done through a neck incision and is not done robotically. In the vast majority of cases, this can be accomplished with a “selective” neck dissection that allows for removal of mainly fat and lymph nodes with preservation of other important neck structures. These are reconstructed in a very cosmetic fashion. 
I googled "Neck Dissection" and couldn't get past the illustrations of the neck laid open. All I could picture in my head was a Gary Larson-type gaggle of doctors around my opened neck, seeing if they could make my legs jump by touching this nerve or that one. Like that frog in Biology I.

Come on, that was funny.

I will ask if perchance, could he take in a fold or two, please? I figure that fits in with the "very cosmetic fashion" they talk about in the description.

In usual woman-fashion, I am wondering what to wear in the hospital. The literature says "Something comfortable".  How do you project respect & take command of the situation in Snoopy PJ's, no bra & Yikes! ~ no make-up?

Today is the official First Day of School for Phil. Now, there was a day not long ago where each First Day of School was a morning photo shoot. Phil & me, posed on the sidewalk, Phil walking to bus with a cool wave to Mom, etc... You know the drill & have the stacks of pictures, doncha?

Here's Phil's First Day of School shot this morning:
Yup, he's pulling away in the truck with a bagel in his mouth. Hey, I still got the FDoS picture didn't I? 
I can also see that I have to take that jacket to the tailor.

I wrote up instructions for Craig for the whole two or so days I may be away, complete with highlights and underlines. I know he's always a little annoyed when I do this ~ as though he can't be trusted to tend the livestock. Can't help it though ~ it's how I roll. He's lucky I didn't leave detailed instructions on the correct way to load the dishwasher. Sorry Craig!
There now. Does that make Craig look like he's about 10 years old or what? And Jill, you are not, repeat, not, the "bums down the road"; it's the house across from you:)

Thanks for all your lovely replies and emails ~ you all made me cry a little, laugh several times and feel very special!


  1. I promise not to pee/poop in the LR....DL

  2. Susan-
    Your spirit, humor,& amazing attitude are far beyond belief. Prayers from the Bilodeau home,asking for God's guidance over your team of surgeons. Our love to you all. God's got this one covered ! Jeremiah 29:11

  3. Susan!!
    I just had the honor of reading your blog that runs through the gamut of emotions. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But I do know this...laughter, positive thinking and the power of prayer are the best cures for all that life throws one's way. You have been thrown a curve ball, for sure. Mere words cannot express how sorry I am for you and your whole family to have to endure this life changing experience. I have always admired your strength, sunny disposition and joy of life! With God by your side, I am sure that you will come out of this swinging!! (a golf club, perhaps?) I pray for the hands of your surgeon to be capable and exact and for an outcome that is blessed by God! Good luck tomorrow and know that you have a whole army of prayer warriors fighting for you!!! XOXOXO...Missy O'Keefe

    1. Please, laugh, Missy!
      I sure do appreciate my very own army of Prayer Warriors.
      I sent Doc O'Malley, the surgeon, an email asking that he eat right, go to bed early and not drink too much coffee tomorrow morning. I haven't heard back from him, can you imagine?
      Thanks for thinkin' of moi:)

  4. Wait a minute, Craig responsible AND on time? you may be pushing that, but I have faith in the cats, they will pee and poop!!!

    1. Yup, sure as the sun comes up, one of those cats will leave a gift for me somewhere.

      As for Craig, it's not for lack of trying that he's not always on time ~ the look on his face last time we were racing to find the docs ~ hope not to see THAT any time soon :)
      We are allowing 2 1/2 hours to get to tomorrows appointment, heh.

  5. Are your cats on oral contraseptives, those devils?

    1. Devil-ettes, actually & they are on Thyroid Meds.

      If your kitty is old and throwing up food ~ not just hair balls, get them checked for thyroid issues.

  6. Bed of Affliction. I am going to steal that. Snoopy is very commanding. I like that you had the presence to ask about fold removal.