Friday, September 14, 2012

Talenti, O how I love Thee!

The sole depressing medical news I have to share
with you today:
One big honkin' zit I'm getting from eating entirely too much Talenti gelato. This stuff is Da Bomb ~ my own version of crack. Craig & Phil steer clear of it, rightly sensing they may come to physical harm if they dare to dip a spoon into it. I was under the illusion I wasn't getting enough calories ~ heh! I idly turned the Talenti container around to check out the nutritional facts. 240 calories per serving, 4 servings per container. Almost 1000 calories in this wee container! I am most certainly getting enough calories, as you see how I'm eating it ~ straight from the lovely container:)
Here's my mug, er, neck shot this morning, after nine days. Jeeze, it looks great, huh? It is still a little stiff. I feel a pulling in it, like things are knitting together. I am still numb on and around my left ear. Left jaw has the feeling of dental Novocain wearing off. My range of motion in my left arm is getting a little better too. I'm almost ready for some neckin'. Just sayin'. (sorry Phil:)

Getting back into picking flowers, baking, housework :~P & errand-running, usually done in Full Make-Up. Not watching as much Bravo TV as last week. Curse you, Real Housewives!

Life. Yay!

Our dog, Shadow, is getting quite a workout these days. Between Phil's school books dribbling in via UPS & the Goodie Train that keeps stopping for me, Shadow is kept mighty busy monitoring all the activity.

Woof! Woof!
My friend Monique tried to do a Stealth Goodie Drop yesterday. I heard the Dog Alarm & looked out the kitchen window to see Mo slinking up the driveway, trying to hush a wildly barking Shadow. "Shhhhhhh! Shhhhhhh!" She brought numerous thoughtful goodies, including this hilarious drinking vessel: A RedNek glass; a Ball jar with a straw. Suitable for all types of libations ;~) Thanks, Mo. It's in constant use.

Woof! Woof!
FedEx man bravely walks up to the porch with a biiiiig box. For me! Inside was this lovely Fall arrangement from the Weaver Company. Thank you. It's beautiful!

A few days ago I took a call from our insurer, Aetna. It was Debbie from Aetna Care Management & this was an "Outreach Call". All I could think of was that the medical bills are starting to roll in to Aetna and Debbie was sent to ferret out what was going on. I was worried I would say the wrong thing (not sure what that would be though) and she would say, in Soup Nazi  fashion: "Oops! HAHA! No more coverage for you! Good-bye!" 

Insurance stuff scares me almost as much as cancer stuff :O 

I went to Staples & bought a bunch of colorful folders so I can keep track of all the paperwork from various offices. Almost daily now, a new piece of paper from Aetna arrives in the mail.

Dr. O'Malley's team have been generous with their time, answering my questions & concerns. They always get back to me ~ I couldn't be more pleased with my care from them. I feel confident about the next step.

I probably won't have anything to post until after the TORS surgery. Thanks again for all the love!



  1. Its good that you are getting up and around...most important! and you are right about the insurance part of things, I was always afraid of that lifetime cap thingy...I always wondered when do they start counting? Okay, lets change the name of your surgery to
    TORA!TORA!TORA! you can imagine the battle and of course who won (You be the American)! Imagination is a big part of winning the battle (that and a really good doctor). One question where do you get this Talenti you speak of? It looks really good!

  2. Thanks for your pearls of wisdom, Lisa ~ both here & in your other message. Three cheers for you & your sunscreen vigilance & thank goodness for the new spray-on sun screens!

    As for Talenti, why, you just stroll on down to the local Giant, and there the lovelies are; right near my other two friends, Ben & Jerry:)

  3. Love, love, love the post. And most importantly, knowing you are healing physically and your spirits is shining bright. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, dearest Susan, and the road will rise to meet you. Our thoughts and hearts are with you.

    Postscript: have you selected your ribbon color yet, or did I somehow miss that post?

    1. Thanks, Darlin', for those warm thoughts & <3's !

      The Ribbon is still on the design board. I reckon I'll have to bring it up for review at the Tonsil Cancer Board or something:)