Thursday, September 20, 2012


Frig is ready for when I get home from the hospital :)

Made pies until I ran out of doughs.
I got the automated call telling me when to be at the hospital tomorrow: 5:45am. Wow ~ I'm going to owe Craig big time for this!

To all my graphic friends, I hate how I can't wrap type nicely around the photos in this particular blog format. It drives me nuts.

TORS pie before baking.

Spent the day prepping for being away from the house for a WHOLE TWO DAYS. Also, I baked some apple pies; some little ones for Craig & Phil and one biggie to put on my chest when they wheel me into the op room. I'll supply the plates & forks ~ they have the knives. I've resorted to Shameless Heavy Duty Brown-Nosing by putting the initials of the procedure: TORS, in cut out dough letters on the top crust.

There are a few comments that may wake me out of tomorrows anesthesia. They are:

"Oops!" and "Five Second Rule!"

Ready to unzip my neck :)
Neck update! Feeling bettah & bettah every day. Swelling has really gone down in the last day or two. Still have the Numb Skull, although I believe that numb area shrinks a little bit every day. The instructions sent home with me regarding the Surgi-tape says I can remove it now... I started to peel it off but I was a-scairt I was going to unzip my neck. Okay, I just screwed up my courage and peeled it off ~ not bad!

I put myself on a liquid diet today in order to avoid un-lady-like things like farting under anesthesia 
(O the horror!) or having to poop while in the hospital. I blame this on my Mom, who was a very silent-bodily-functions-kinda woman. There. I hope you are amused.
Here are the finished pies for Team O'Malley~ Weinstein & my boys.
 A box of Chiclets from my buddy Mo. Heeee-eeey!

O'Malley, The Alley Cat, from "Aristocats"
When I hear Dr. O'Malley's name, the song "O'Malley the Alley Cat!" drifts through my brain. What is wrong with me?

I'll be back a-blogging After!


  1. I love how you plan notes or gifts for the drs and! You just never know when that kind of forward thinking will pay off! Best to you tomorrow! DL

    1. Toni, Bret and AlexaSeptember 20, 2012 at 5:16 PM

      We know you can rock it! And...we love ya

    2. Dinah Lee, you know it! I'll play whatever cards are necessary to make me stand out ~~ in a good way:) Thank you for the well wishes.

      Dear Toni, Bret & Alexa! Thanks for that WB Love :)

    3. You have the best sense of humor...I love it!!! Our prayers will include you will be fine! Love you!!! K and T Kokal

  2. O M G...really hell with sharpies!

  3. Pies for surgeons. Clever girl. Ice cream is liquid right?

    Isn't it funny that the hospital thinks it has to remind you that you have surgery in the morning. Because -you know -you might forget.

    1. Miz Munchberry! Delightful to hear from you! I am going to scurry over to your blog & see what you have been up too.

  4. I am dwelling in trivialities and whining. My specialty.

    Counting the minutes to Oct. 2. By then my fingers will be racked from crossing and certainly someone upstairs will have granted my petitions.