Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple Pie kinda day

A sure sign of Health ~ Baking!

Yup. Yesterday, I decided that making this Apple Pie was more important than vacuuming. The boys agreed.

Day Four after surgery, I ventured out in to the world. My choice of venue? WalMart. 'Cause I'm such a classy gal. With Craig at my side (which rarely happens for WalMart visits) I grabbed a cart and set off down the aisles. I had to pull over & keep waiting for Craig because he stopped at every cute baby we passed & I briefly wondered if he would trigger some type of "Amber Alert". Anyone staring at my neck? Nope. Too busy with their own lists and thoughts.  At one time or another, we all have stuff going on. Yep, I couldn't even scare up any gaped mouths at WalMart. Actually, think about it, WalMart is probably the best place for maiden voyages for when you think you look... weird :) 

So, what's your neck look like?, you ask.

Here's how it looks five days after surgery. Cripes, and with no make-up. Still a little swollen, with puffiness around the chin & jaw, but things seem to be knitting together nicely. There goes my "Nearly Headless Nick" Halloween idea.

And now for the boring "Old Person Talking About Their Health" part for those of you who want to know...
I have one more day of taking steroids. Today I noticed that I didn't take my first dose properly, so this may be why I am still Jet-Puffed.

NOTE: It is probably a good idea to ask your spouse or friend to read through your prescriptions first even though you think you know, in your Percocet-induced fog, what you are doing.

The outside area of my left ear is still numb, but I think this will gradually go away, as the numb area seems to shrink a little bit every day. The first day, 1/3rd of my scalp was numb, making me an Official Numb Skull. The only issue I seem to be having (other than cancer, heh-heh) is sleep. I've tried Tylenol PM, Mid-Nite, and NyQuil's new ZzzQuil. It tastes every bit as revolting as their green stuff which was a hopeful sign, but alas, it did not send me to La-La Land. I have since read reviews on Amazon: "The only active ingredient in this "new" product is 25mg of Diphenhydramine hcl which Nyquil ZZZ labels a "Nighttime sleep-aid." This is the EXACT ingredient in benadryl and store brand equivalents, that cost much less, which those manufacturers label as an antihistamine." I feel like such an un-doped dope! If this continues, I'll call my family doc for a magic pill script. On the plus side, I am listening to lots of "Selected Shorts" & "This American Life" podcasts through the night. I like being read to.

O the kindness of friends & family! A sincere Thank you. Your thoughts and prayers warm the cockles of my heart.

My neighbor Jill is channeling my Mom. She brought over a huge pot of soup & multiple other edibles. Also, Girly Stuff from her & her girls such as chick flicks, glossy mags & chocolate. I know what you are all saying: "But, but... I wanted to bring stuff tooooo!" Let me tell you, Jill was not to be thwarted or reasoned with. She determinedly breached the Bolinger Gate even though the bridge was up, the lights were off and the alligators were loosed in the moat. She marched right in with that honkin' big vat of soup, asked how I was & looked me over closely for a minute then swept right back out again. The nerve of some people.

Soup & Chick Flicks!

My Bro & Sis In Law, Steve & Cindy, gave me this box of delights gathered from their recent Napa visit. "Tell Susan this is not a Cancer Gift!" they instructed Craig to say. Heh! Looking forward to indulging in some zin. Saturday's looks especially wicked :)


  1. Well by my facebook post, i thought you made some apple pie, so okay i really cant smell the apple pie from here!I really should read before i write! NOW would be a good time for some needle work, do you do that? I hope all is well, you seem to be in very good hands, but if you should need something like tomato's, let me know...

    1. Lisa, you are kee-rect, I did make an apple pie yesterday ~ it was so Fall-like outside I couldn't help myself. The boyz & I hit on that pie all yesterday & into the evening. Yum. The crust is especially good & I don't know if I can replicate it. It's a Dorothy Greenspan recipe made months ago & frozen, then thawed, baked at several different temperatures & at all different times for this one pie. It was jammed full of fruit & I was trying to cook all that fruit w/o drying out the crust. How ever I did it produced the Best Crust Ever:) There. All you ever wanted to know about that pie.

      I AM in Good Hands, thank you & I know if I need anything ~ especially tomatoes ~ I can count on you.


  2. Susan -
    I love your good spirits and humor. And now I want apple pie. No desire AT ALL to bake one just eat. :) The redhead says "I love that Susan!" So there not only was Mom your friend first she loves ya. It was very brave of you to take the hubby to WalMart. I tend to try and lose mine so I can actually get my shopping done. Hmmm. Craig's checking out babies? Is this early onset grandpa-itis? Take care, kiddo.
    Love, Eileen

    1. LOL~ I thought I read "Grandpa-tits" there at first!

      Craig has always loved babies & little kids.
      Tell The Titian-Haired Beauty I love her too & you, you take your bad self out for a slice of apple pie:)